Invisible to nature

MIRET shoes are engineered to degrade almost completely in around 3 years once disposed off into landfills or compost. Our goal is to produce high quality and durable sneakers which are completely biodegradable and produced out of bio-based materials. Our current sneakers are not yet fully bio-degradable or petroleum-derivates free, but with each new generation of MIRET sneakers we are closer to this goal.

All of our shoes are designed and manufactured ethically in Croatia with 30 years of footwear manufacturing experience. Our outsoles are produced using electricity from solar pannels, and all of our materials and components are made in the European Union. 

To be able to maintain ethical manufacturing, the highest ecological standard and also provide a low selling price, we have cut out the retail margin by 100% and we are selling only through our webshop. Otherwise our sneakers would cost over 200€ per pair in stores. Manufacturing of sustainable materials is much more demanding and expensive then the cheap synthetics alternative -- hence the world of today and our environment is flooded and burried in milions of tons of cheap plastics which are here to stay for a very long time.

This is why we strive to become “Invisible To Nature”