Our Super Natural Materials



The name “canvas” derives from “canabis”. It is the original durable, antibacterial, super-ecological canvas.

Our hemp is grown on European farms and fully processed in Europe while maintaining every stage of the manufacturing process as healthy as possible to the individual and to the environment. Processed without toxic chemicals we have preserved the antibacterial qualities and breathability of the natural hemp. It is naturally durable, antibacterial, breathable and with a super-low environmental impact.



Developed with the most advanced knowledge and technology to support eco-sustainability, our rubber is super durable yet degrades once disposed off into compost or landfills. 

Compared to standard outsole materials like SBR-rubber, ultra-light EVA, PVC, polyurethane or thermo plastics which take many decades or even centuries to decompose, our rubber will degrade quickly in around 1-3 years after it is disposed off into compost or landfills. Tested in a laboratory, the degraded material of our outsoles demonstrated a complete absence of phytotoxicity.



Flax is truly a wonderful plant as all the parts of the plant are beneficial, growing flax does not require irrigation and it needs little or no chemical treatment. Flax seeds are beneficial in human and animal nutrition because of its very high content of alpha omega-3 fatty acids. The fibres can be used anywhere from heat insulation, packaging, bank notes, MIRET sneakers, etc. 




The fibres of kenaf reinforce our sneakers from the inside and provide a breathable and soft footbed which adapts to the shape of the foot. Grown in Egypt over 3000 years ago kenaf leaves were consumed in human and animal diets and fibres were used for bags, ropes, and sails for Egyptian boats. Today we are bringing it back as a naturally sustainable material.



Our super breathable, naturally antibacterial, 100% pure natural wool is certified with the most rigorous ecological certification in the world Cradle-to-Cradle™

Investigating deep into the dyestuffs and raw materials (wool) an enormous task was made to optimise the process, improve the health of our material and meet the strict criteria of the Cradle-to-Cradle™ certification. This way we can guarantee the highest ecological standard.

Our wool is also certified by Wools Of New Zealand™ which gurantees that our wool is produced on farms with incredible scope, efficiency and attention to the animals welfare and the environment. Wools of New Zealand has been inspected and assessed according to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and as such is a part of an international group of brands working to provide full assurance to consumers of the highest possible standards in animal husbandry and land management.



The incredible Hevea Brasiliensis tree produces natural milky latex used to make our outsole soft and flexible and is also used as a natural water-based glue.