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The Most Environmentally Advanced Sneakers

We make great sneakers with the highest ecological standards. Five years in the making, this is the 4th generation of MIRET sneakers. Crafted With A Purpose.

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Natures finest materials shaped for your feet

HEMP (Cannabis Sativa)

Possibly the strongest natural fiber. Durable, antibacterial, breathable and with a super low environmental impact. 

HEVEA RUBBER TREE (Hevea Brasiliensis)

The amazing rubber tree produces a milky natural latex which makes our outsole soft and flexible

FLAX, LINSEED OR LINNEN (Linum Usitatissimum)

Flax is green by nature as all parts of the plant get used and there is no waste. Durable and natural as it is, its fibres are perfect for our comfortable footbed.

KENAF (Hibiscus Cannabinus)

Used on Egyptian boats for sails 3000 years ago, today we are bringing it back as a naturally sustainable material. It reiforces our sneakers from the inside.

Extreme certification

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Fighting The Plastic Plague

20 000 000 000 pairs of shoes are produced EVERY YEAR*. Some of them are made of leather, some of cotton, but probably all are made with petrolium derivatives such as synthetics, plastics, rubber...

That’s enough to circle the Earth each year with 300 lines of shoes which will last for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.

*estimation based on wikipedia source

why is leather bad?

It's time to make a change

Help us fight the plastic plague and give MIRET sneakers purpose

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